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LADIB TERRA COTTA guarantees the authenticity and the unicity of its products.

Our products are entirely "hand made", in respect of the traditions of our country.

Possible imperfections or visible irregularities on a product are the guarantee of a completely hand made article.

Our products are manufactured in our workshops by professional craftsmen.

In respect of the universal rights, we do not make work children in our workshops.

Pottery of garden, rough ground giving of the reddish colors after cooking.

Pottery of garden, utility articles and of outsides decoration, thick pottery at long lifespan.

Old jars, being used for the conservation of food, oil primarily, family LADIB has manufactured thousands during her long history with the pottery.


An exceptional mud,  effect of ageing, manufactured on order.

Aicha mud, the colors can be adapted at the requests of the customers.

Granulated pottery, an enormous manual work and long stages to reach this result.


A mud of collection, which is never repeated, you can specify the colors and the forms and then to let us continue…

Various models of lamps, electric assembly included and in conformity with the European standards.

Lamps and standard lamps with the multiple forms, sizes and colors, articles on order.

Bonne visite.

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