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Berber bowl

Flowers bowl

Morrocan bowl

Olives bowl







Berber bowl octo

Sky bowl octo

FRuit bowl octo

Olives bowl octo

Orange bowl octo

Bowl series







Berber square plate

Berber square blue

Flowers square

Fish square







Berber rectangle

Scales rectangle

Flowers rectangle







Berber windows

Sky windows

Night windows

Orange windows

Pistachio windows







Scales oval

Sky oval

Night oval

Orange oval







Yellow berber dish

Orange berber dish

OLives dish







Berber Tebsi 1

Berber Tebsi 2

Sky Tebsi

Fruit Tebsi

Morrocan Tebsi

Scales Tebsi

Olives Tebsi

Orange Tebsi







Ashtray 1

Ashtray 2

Ashtray 3

Ashtray 4

Ashtray 5


Fountain 1

A ceramics fountain, for patios and gardens, the colors and the drawings differ and you can even order your own representations...


Fountain 2

Typical and traditional decoration of the area of Nabeul, the sizes differ and that can vary from 30 cm to 1 m.. To consult for higher dimensions...


Berber couscous set

Berber couscous set 2

Scales couscous set

Fruit couscous set


Berber kemia set

Flowers kemia set

Fruit kemia set

Night kemia set


Berber Tagine


Sky Tagine



Scales Tagine


Fruit Tagine


Olives Tagine


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